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LogiMAT 2024: A Retrospective for Dexion

The LogiMAT 2024 proved to be a resounding success for Dexion. With a record-breaking 67,420 professional visitors, the exhibition surpassed expectations. As part of the Gonvarri Material Handling Group, Dexion experienced a significant increase in attendance compared to the previous year. Our exhibition theme, “Reliably Moved, Efficiently Stored,” resonated well with international customers and prospects seeking efficient solutions for warehouse logistics.

Strength of the Group and Strategic Positioning

The presence of key executives such as Gerhard Schwager (Managing Director of Dexion GmbH and COO of Gonvarri Material Handling) and representatives from Dexion Material Handling Ltd in England, Obchodní společnost KREDIT in the Czech Republic, and Constructor Finland Oy underscored the group’s strength and international focus. The Gonvarri Material Handling Group reaffirmed its commitment to customer proximity and confirmed its strategic positioning with a comprehensive global production and distribution network. Our customers benefit from this global presence and expertise, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Products and Solutions Showcased at the Exhibition

Dexion showcased an impressive range of storage systems across a 138 m² area. From the multi-level shelving system Hi280 to P90 pallet racks combined with semi-automated material flow systems, we offered tailored solutions for various types of storage needs, including pallets, long goods, and small items. Notable highlights included:

  1. MOVO Heavy-Duty Mobile Pallet Racking System: Demonstrating cutting-edge control technology for mobile pallet storage.
  2. TELEKANT Compact Cantilever Racking: Enabling flexible and space-efficient storage of long goods.

New Partnerships and Added Value for Our Customers

Another significant milestone at the exhibition was the announcement of an extended partnership with GOpus GmbH. This collaboration promises additional value and innovative solutions for our valued customers.

Thank you for being part of our LogiMAT journey!

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